Hero motorcorp ltd., formerly HERO HONDA, is a motorcycle and scooter manufacturer based in new delhi, in india. The company is largest producer of motorcycles in the world, and also in india where it is having market share of 46% in the two-wheeler category. On march 2013 the market capitalization of the company was of rs 30,800 crores. Hero Electric Photon is a Electric Bike from Hero.

Hero Honda started its operation in 1984 as a joint venture between Hero Cycles (sometimes called as hero group, same hero group is in Switzerland as food company) honda decided to move out from joint venture, hero group bought the shares held by honda.

Introduction of Hero :

In June 2012, Hero motocorp approved a proposal to merge the investment into parentgroup Hero Investment Pvt.ltd. with the automaker. This decision makes into after eighteen months split from hero honda.

During the 1980s, the company introduced motorcycles that were popular in india for their fuels in economy and low cost. A popular slogan “fill it – Shit it”.

In 2001, the company is the second largest producer of motorbikes in the world and in India also. The technology in the bikes of hero motocop Earlier hero honda for almost 26 years has come from the Japanese counterpart honda.

Electric Bikes Introduction :

Hero Electric E-Cycles entered into the market in the year 2000-2003 year. E2W development in India, launch of battery fitted in E-cycles. Launched the first E Scooter, Founded SMEV- The only EV association in India.Acquired Ultra Motors to be globally present the Electric Bikes.

Hero Electric is one of the best two wheelers in India producing the electric bike in India. The company headquarters is in Punjab and they are producing a lot of electric bikes in India and the latest bike from Hero is Hero Electric Photon.

Bike Mode & Releases :

Hero Electric Photon is having two drive Modes: Power and Economy.By using the Power Mode, the bikes 45kmph of High-speed Electric a fairly descent one. Whereas we consider Economy Mode 50km and using the full charge we can able to gain of 80 km as per the best Efficiency. Here these are the following electric bikes released by the hero company are as follows Hero electric photon, Hero Electric Flash, Hero Electric Optima Plus, Hero Electric NYX, Hero Electric Optima Dx etc ..,


Details of the bike:

Automatic transmission with engine capacity of 100CC.

Power of peak 2 PS.

Weight of 111 kg.

Body type is of Electric.

Charging point is available.                         

Motor Type is of BLDC.

Drive type of belt drive.


Gear Type is of Automatic.

Motor Power is of 1000 W.

Range is of 85Km/ Charge.  

Engine Details :                    

Unique features of having High-Speed E-Bike With Dual Mode Drive (Power/Economy) Mobile Charging Port, Remote Lock.

Fuel Type is of Electric.                                                  

Single cylinder.

Breaking features of disc drums at the front and the Rear end comes with drum brakes. 

Top Speed of 45kmph.

Estimated mileage capacity of 80 km Per Charge.

Battery Charging time is of 6 to 8 Hours.

Suspension Details:

The Front suspension is of Telescopic, and Rear Suspension is of Telescopic, and Chassis/frame is of Reinforced High Strength Steel Chassis.


             Colours of Silver and Red.

Tyre Sizes:

         Wheel Size is of Front and Rear is of 10 Inch.

          Front tyre of =3.00-10.

          Rare tyre of =3.00-10.

         Tubeless tyres.

         Alloy type of wheel types.

 Instrument console features:

       Speedometer, console and odometer is in analogue.

 Comfort and convenience features:

       Low Battery Indicator, Pillion Grab Rail, Pillion Seat, foot rest, electric start, Pass Light and kick start.


        Battery of VRLA and capacity of 72 volts and 20 ah.


        Head Lamp is of PC Head Lamp type and also tail light is Bulb type.

          Ground clearance:

Ground clearance of 140 mm.


Hero Electric Photon costs of 86,000 rs (varies to showroom).

Note : The above mention details of  Hero Electric Photon changes to every time needs of the purchaser.


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