Vepsa GTS Range is a scooter is motorcycle company from Italy, one of the brands owned by the Piaggio. GTS stands for Granturismo Having started as a manufacturer of scooter from the year 1946, and of the best scooters company from Italy and seven of Piaggio, from their inception vepsa scooter has been known for their painted, steel unibody which combines a total body for the engine a flat board and a prominent front fairing into a structural unit. Vespa Gts Super 125 is a bike from tvs.


In 1944, Piaggio engineers Renzo Spolti and Vittorio Casini Designed a motorcycle with body work fully enclosing the drivetrain and forming a tall splash guard at the front. In addition to the body work, the design included handlebar-mounted controls, forced air cooling, wheels of small diameter, and a tall central section that had to be straddled. He contracted aeronautical engineer Corrradino D’Ascanio to redesign the Scooter. Who had earlier been consulted by Ferdinando Innocenti about scooter design and manufacture, made it immediately know that the motorcycles, believing them to the bulky, dirty and unreliable.

Development of Vepsa Engine:

 D’Ascanjo’s MP6 prototype had its engine mounted beside the rear wheel. The wheel was driven directly from the transmission, eliminating the drive chain and the oil and dirt associated with it.

Launch :

Piaggio filed a patent for the vespa scooter design in April 1946.The application documents are approved in spring 1946 December. The company is getting to made the new vespa in large numbers and their long standing industrial way to led to an efficient best style to volume production line. The scooter was presented to the press Rome Golf Club, and following in the Milan fair in 1946. 

Sales and Development:

Piaggio sold some 2,500 Vespa in 1947, over 10,000 in 1948, 20,000 in 1949, and over 60,000 in 1950.The biggest sales promo ever was Hollywood, the movie effect about the bike in theatre, Vespa clubs popped up throughout Europe and by 1952 by world wide vespa club membership had surpassed 50,000. Vespa was manufactured by under licence in Germany the United Kingdom, France.

Belgium and Spain. In the year 1960 the production was started in India and resulted in boost of sales and ten million all over the world. Vespa came into two sizes as Large and Small Frames. The small Frame scooters are 50cc,90 cc, 100cc and 125 cc and large frame Scooter are 125cc,150cc,160cc,180cc,200cc and 250cc scooter.vepsa released bikes in india are Vespa Electtrica, vespa liberty 3v ,Vespa GTS Super 125 ,Vespa sxl 150, Vespa vxl 125, Vespa vxl 150 etc are.,

Vespa GTS Super 125 :

Details of the bike:

Automatic transmission with engine capacity of 125 CC.

Power of peak 12.2 PS @ 8250 rpm.

Its weight of 151 kg.

Drive type of belt drive.                           

Gear box is of CVT.

Peak torque of 11.5 nm @6000 rpm.

Engine Details :

Single Cylinder and four stroke engine.

Fuel capacity of 7 litres.

Top Speed of 95 kmph.

Cooling system of liquid cooled.

Vespa GTS Super 125

Estimated mileage capacity of 42km/lit (Approx.).

Fuel system is of fuel injection.

Colours available are Red, Black, White and Yellow.

Suspension Details:

Front suspension is of Single Arm with coli Spring and Single shock Absorber type and comes to Rear suspension is of double hydraulic Absorber with preload adjustable on 4 position.

Breaking feature of front brake type of single disc ABS size of 220 mm and Rear Brake type of single disc size of 220 mm.

Tyre Sizes:

         Front tyre of =120/70-12.

         Rare tyre of =130/70-12.

         Wheel size is 12 inches.

         Tubeless tyres.

         Alloy type of wheel types.

         Fuel system of petrol.

Instrument console features:

          Trip-meter, fuel indiactor is in digital, and having speedometer in Analogue, pillion seat, pillion grabrail and pass light.

Comfort and convenience features:

          Foot rest and electric start.


          It is having MF Battery.


          Head light of halogen type and also tail light of Led.


Wheel base of 1380 mm.

Seat height of 790mm.

Length* width is of 1950*755.

Ground clearance of 155 mm.


Vespa GTS Super 125 costs of 90,000 Rs/- (varies to showroom).

Note : The above mention details of Vespa GTS Super 125 changes to every time needs of the purchaser.

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